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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Christianity Under Attack!

This morning, I opened my email and found an email from a church that I used to attend. Now, don't get me wrong. I still consider myself Christian, still God-fearing, but I've found that my own opinions and views and conscious have taken me a bit "off the path" from what I was raised to believe.

The headline of the email was "CHRISTIANITY UNDER ATTACK!" and it provided three dates to back up the claim. The second claim was "January 22, 1973: Roe vs. Wade. Abortion became legal and the unborn child has no voice". This made me giggle for a few reasons.

At this particular church, I know of two women off the top of my head who have had terminations. One, terminated an ectopic pregnancy. The other, was a 15 year old girl who's grandmother (who also attends this church) forced her to have an abortion. I was friends with the girl and I remember exactly what she was told, "Get rid of it or you're out!". Christian like, huh? I'm willing to bet the number of women in that church who had had elective abortions or terminations for medical reasons would be astounding if they hadn't been scared into silence their whole lives.

Now, going back to the wording, "and the unborn child has no voice". What about the women who are raped? The 12 year old whose uncle takes advantage of her? Where are their voices? Are they allowed to have voices, but not the other women, who's abortions we deem "unacceptable"? And how dare, we, as Christians, judge someone so harshly, be so high on our horses that we think that we have the authority, the audacity, to decide for another woman what is best for her and her family?

I suppose there really is no point to this post other than OMGIHAVEN'TTALKEDTOYOUGUYSINFOREVER and that this particular email just happened to get under my skin. I hope all of you guys are hangin in there, kicking life in the balls as needed.