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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Your Voice Your Vote 2012

This year, people are vicious in defending their picks for POTUS. People seem to be die hard either way, and you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who is standing in a gray area. And they should be. Our two candidates are like night and day. But specific to this blog, we have candidates that are on both sides of the abortion debate (no surprise there). Many pro-choice women have this on their minds. If Romney is elected, will he actively work to restrict abortion? Or worse, completely outlaw it (though I don't see this happening)?     Will he be working to restrict birth control? Mormons aren't exactly known for limiting the number of children they have. Or will he be focusing primarily on the economy? There's really no way to know. And there's no way to know if President Obama will be doing any work in the way of the pro-choice movement. I don't recall him making any significant changes in the last four years in this area.

So, the challenge now is to sit back, wait for the results, and trust that WE THE PEOPLE made the best decision for our country. It's no longer time to bicker about who is the best and who should win. Now is the time to pull together, accept what we've done, and work to fix our issues.

Happy election day!

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