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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Late night ramblings.

When I became pro-choice, I wasn't sure what to expect. Obviously, my interactions with the pro-choice side hadn't exactly been "rosy" before my conversion. And I realize that I've got my own, unique pro-choice opinions. Once I started this blog, I expected that women who had had abortions would be wary of speaking with me, and that pro-choice organizations, activists, and the like would be more open to talking to me. Wrong. It was the exact opposite. Women were happy to share their stories with me. They were happy for the world (or my small audience, at least) to hear their stories and to open people's minds to what "abortion" can really mean. However, when it came to getting in touch with clinic workers, activists, and women from pro-choice organizations, I didn't have much luck. Many were much too busy to talk to a new blogger with a small following. Some were wary of my true intentions. Others just didn't care to. I got lucky with one clinic worker, and she was nice enough to help me put together a piece for the anniversary of George Tiller's death. I will be forever grateful to her for helping me navigate through the pro-choice community in my earlier days.

Lately, my following has started to grow. Along with my "following", my friend base in the pro-choice community has started growing, as well. Though, I can still sense some reluctance. It's discouraging, but I can't bring myself to give up pushing for interviews and connections. Because of my unique views on abortion, I feel like I could help bridge the gap between the two sides, and that's important to me. Once a bridge is formed, the gap tends to lessen.

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