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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm pretty interested in everyone's thoughts on abortion, as opposed to just pro-choicers. So, on my facebook page, I'm subscribed to several pro-life bloggers, speakers, etc. And seeing as it is April 4th...I'm expecting to start seeing postings about George Tiller in the very near future, as he was murdered on 5/31/09. All of the pro-choicers remember him on that day, and all the pro-lifers remind us that, while they don't condone what Scott Roeder (The gunman) did, it is a good thing that George Tiller isn't in business anymore (even if it means he's dead?). It seems that George Tiller is a touchy subject for even some pro-choicers, seeing as he did late term abortions. And many pro-choicers are only pro-choice in the early stages of pregnancy. But everyone seems to forget, these late term abortions....they were done out of mercy. These children were wanted. Their mothers didn't murder them, they let them go...freed them from their suffering. I can't imagine being in their shoes. I know how scary our ventricle scare with Phoenix was, and that wasn't even a life threatening issue. But these women were facing things like, T21 (Down Syndrome) with serious heart defects, Trisomy 18, and Anancephaly. How awful to know that the sweet baby you're carrying, that you want, is suffering inside of you...and that they probably won't live long (and certainly not well) once they are born. I can't imagine.

I hope that as the anniversary of George Tiller's death approaches, people will remember the GOOD that he did. I hope that people will start looking past the villain that the pro-lifers have made him out to be. I hope that people will stop judging the women who sought his services in their darkest moments. I hope that the violence against providers will STOP.

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