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Sunday, April 1, 2012


Has anyone seen this video? The 33 minute video has gone viral, and it's supposed to be able to change anyone's mind about abortion. I watched it. My beliefs didn't waiver. The man starts out talking about the holocaust. From there, he asks people if they would bury living Jews along with dead Jews. And that leads into asking how they could believe in abortion if they didn't believe in the killing of Jewish people during the holocaust. And finally, he asks people if they've done things like, take God's name in vein, if they've lusted in their hearts, etc etc....basically telling the people that they're going to hell because they've done these things.

Hm. Okay, some people have said "Just people the man is saying things that are hard to hear, doesn't mean that the video isn't great!". True...the man is saying things with truth behind them, even if they are hard to hear. But I don't believe that you can preach your beliefs to anyone by judging them, or scaring them into believing how you do. It is my opinion that you share your knowledge, and let the person decide on their own.

It really bothers me when people compare the holocaust to abortion. I do not understand how people cannot see that this is a necessary medical service. It is essential. Do they not understand that if a woman has a tubal pregnancy, the baby WILL die, and so will the mother if the baby isn't removed? And that often, this has to be done before the fetus dies on it's own? My own mother had an experience with this. She had a tubal pregnancy, the fetus was still alive, but my mother was hemorrhaging. She had 3 other children at home...was she supposed to die to let this fetus live a little longer? She didn't want the dr to take the baby, but he had to. My father gave consent. Was it a sad thing? Of course. My mother lost a child that had been planned, and almost lost her own life. But was the termination NECESSARY? Absolutely. If a 12 year old girl is raped and becomes pregnant...wouldn't a termination be necessary? A pregnancy would wreak havoc on a 12 year old's body. Why aren't these cases being acknowledged? Why are anti-choicers only focusing on women who have abortions for the sake of convenience? It makes no sense.

Think for yourself. Don't be scared into someone else's beliefs.

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