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Sunday, March 25, 2012

An early morning rant.

This morning, I came across a discussion in a pro-choice group where there were some offensive comments being made regarding...well, let's just say that the fact that abortion is, in fact, the ending of a life (or at least the potential for life) was certainly not being acknowledged. It was being mocked.

Now, as a mother, I have a hard time with this. While I definitely consider myself pro-choice, I do not consider myself "pro-abortion" (And let me just say how much I DESPISE that term when referring to pro-choicers). I certainly don't take the stance that "Oh, you have a surprise baby on the way? Let's go to the clinic!". In my opinion, the term pro-choice means that I believe a woman has the right to choose between having a baby, adoption, and terminating the pregnancy. My personal thought is that abortion is a very sad thing, a very necessary service, but it is a sad thing. Maybe that's because I've got three children of my own and have had three wonderful (yet, terrifying at times) pregnancies. Maybe it wouldn't be such a sad thing to me if I didn't have children. But I'm pretty sure that most women who already have children and seek abortions, aren't exactly thrilled about it.

My bottom line is that abortion MUST stay legal. For the women who have carried much wanted pregnancies, only to find out the most devastating news. For the women who were taking every precaution and "life just happened". And most certainly for young girls who were violated in the worst possible way, sometimes even by the people who are meant to protect them. Abortion is a sad reality. But it is SUCH a necessary service. So, do I believe that because it's so important for abortion to be legal that the fact that the potential for life (or life) is ending isn't a sad thing? Absolutely not. Just because something has to be done, doesn't mean it doesn't suck. That's life.

But as long as we're going to support this cause, is it too much to ask that we exhibit a little respect for the gravity of the situation, for what we all know is happening? A little sensitivity to the issue? I don't think so.

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