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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Something to Consider...

This morning, as I was going about my normal routine, I came across something that most of us never expect to hear. Someone that I know was in the position to terminate a pregnancy, and actually tried to through labor and delivery (genetic testing isn't always available after the typical abortion procedure). I left the conversation feeling that abortion really does touch everyone. No one expects that anyone they know has had it done, or wanted to have it done. No one thinks that know "that kind" of person. But you do. It's your neighbor, your sister, your best friend, your co-worker, a parent from your child's school....they are everywhere. And what's sad is how guarded they have to feel. When this woman was telling me her story, there was a lot of hesitation. And from women I've talked to before, I've felt a strong feeling of defense from the they go into the conversation ready to be attacked. And the truth is, no one should feel that way. Whether you've terminated for a fetal anomaly, materal indications, or just because it wasn't the right should feel that you may be attacked if you talk about it. Talking is what we need. If no one ever spoke up, think of how many women would feel all alone. And think of how badly that could turn out. No one wants to feel alone, especially in the darkest moments of their lives, and there's no reason they should.

Stop the judgement.

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