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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

An open mind?

As many of you know, I follow the pro-life side, as well as pro-choice side. I find both sides interesting and I am always open to hearing what a respectful pro-lifer has to say. Hell, I'm even open to hearing what they have to say when they're being obnoxious. But there is nothing I hate more than going into an "open" forum where all sides are welcome, asking a pro-lifer a question, and being treated like an idiot because of my beliefs. It never fails to amaze me how condescending pro-lifers can be, when their main goal Wouldn't you think that they would be anxious to answer honest questions from the other side of the fence? Me too. Apparently, this is not the case.

For about a year, I've been following Jenni Coffin on Facebook. I had never heard of her, but a pro-life friend of mine recommended her on his page, so I checked her out. She lists her page as Jenni Coffin-Pro Life Educator. Again, I'm thinking this girl would welcome questions. From what I can tell, she's a mom. She looks awfully young, but says that she has CNA experience, that she's working towards her Doctorate in Elementary/Administrative Education and a Masters in Anthropology. Right off the bat, at the end of her "about" section, she writes a message to the "trolls" and tells them that she has no interest in stalking their pages, but thanks them for taking the time to obsess over her. Hm. Okay. I can imagine the girl has been bombed (so to speak) but pro-choicers before. But seeing as she describes herself as an educator, I figured that questions were welcome on the page...especially since the "info" section says "EVERYONE is welcome here". So I ask, "Jenni, I have to say, I'm pro choice. But I respect the pro-life side as I spent the majority of my life there. I realize that this might come off like I am trying to start something, but in ((whatever section it was, I can't remember now)), you said that if people can't watch a partial birth abortion, that they should not support abortion. My question is, seeing as you're a CNA, have you ever seen one?". I realize that that was a difficult question for me to ask without it coming off the wrong way, but I did. The first reply I get is from an admin. He says something along the lines of "Jenni is out of town with Abby Johnson right now promoting the awesome pro-life cause. She'll be back in town and will answer your question soon. She's on her way back home now". Okay. So I wait. Later that night I get a reply from Jenni, herself. "Yes, I have. I also have medical videos if you'd like me to send them to you, or you could go to your local medical library and view one for "educational purposes". Happy viewing....though I'm really being sarcastic cause really it'll make you cry". My first thought was, "how condescending" and "Why is she coming off so defensive?". So I reply and ask her if the videos are her's, as in, videos of the PBA's that she saw, and that her reply certainly doesn't leave one with the feeling that EVERYone is welcome. She replies "No....they're medical videos. I'm not a medical recorder" and then something insinuating that I'm an idiot for thinking that she's being rude over a facebook status. It was weird. Finally, I just unliked her page and chalked it up to the fact that some people really don't know how to defend their stance without immediately being defensive and assuming that the other party is "the bad guy". But before I could even get my cursor over the button to unlike the page, she replies AGAIN and says that the fact that I stated my opinion of her being rude shows why I'm "really" there and that she has no time for this and is going to bed. Goodnight.

Well....goodnight, Jenni Coffin. I hope you feel better?

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