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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Way to go, Nate!

Yesterday, on May 2nd, Georgia governor Nathan Deal signed into law, a bill that not only bans abortion after 20 weeks, but has no (I repeat, NO) exception for rape OR incest. This new law will go into effect January 1, 2013. Let it also be noted that the bill states that any abortion done AFTER 20 weeks, will be done in such a way that the fetus will be born alive. Good going, Mr. Deal! Because we all know that watching a 20 wk baby struggle and die is MUCH more humane than an injection to the heart with a peaceful, dignified death to follow.  And let's not even mention what a wonderful effect this will have on a mother. This will was passed because some people believe that at 20 weeks, a baby can start to feel pain. I won't pretend that I know when a baby is able to feel pain. I DO know that all of the neurological stuff has to be in order so that the brain can send pain signals to the nerves. Again, I'm not sure exactly when this happens. BUT, if a 20 weeker DOES feel pain, wouldn't it feel the struggle of an induced premature labor?

The only exception is for medically futile pregnancies.

The 12 year old who's uncle has raped her, yet she doesn't know what the signs of symptoms of pregnancy are, and her parents don't realize until she's 5 or 6 months along? No luck for her! I can't imagine the effects this will have on some of these women.

Of course, no one wants to have a 20 week abortion. NO abortion is ideal...especially one that is this far along for whatever reason. But it happens. There are reasons BEHIND them. And if you are one of unlucky ones to have your body violated and have it result in pregnancy and you live in Georgia, you're shit out of luck.

Call me a bra burning feminist but, I have a hard time believing that any woman would pass such a bill.

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