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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Remembering Dr. Tiller

On Thursday, May 31st, we will mark the 3 year anniversary of George Tiller's death. Of course, as most of you know, Dr. Tiller was shot at point blank range in his church in Wichita on Sunday, May 31st, 2009 but Scott Roeder.

I can't help but wonder what he was doing this time in 2009. Was the thought of assassination weighing heavily on his mind? Was it always on his mind? Did he think he was in the clear? Did he have any eerie feeling that his life was about to end? And if so, did he take the time to let his loved ones know how much he cared? Did anyone around him have an inkling that it was all coming to an end?

What a scary thought to think that any of us, regardless of our political choices, regardless of our personal beliefs, could be snuffed out at any time. Scary to think that at this time next year, people could be marking the one year anniversary of my death. We just never know.

I hope that this year, the Tiller family is able to remember their husband, father, uncle and not think of the horror that Scott Roeder brought to their lives, but of the good that Dr. Tiller was able to do while he was here...the women and girls that he was able to help. I hope that Scott Roeder isn't able to take up a moment of their thoughts....I hope they don't give him the unknowing satisfaction. I hope that they take the day to remember Dr. Tiller's life and not his death.

I'll be posting more closer to the actual anniversary, but until then, let's hear what you think.

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